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Big news: we're bi-coastal!

I've got some big news: Turquoise Marketing is opening a West Coast branch! We officially launching our West Coast expansion in Portland, Oregon, in October.

In the last nine months, Turquoise Marketing has grown from an idea to a thriving business with clients across the country—from San Francisco to New York. Our new Portland base of operations will allow us to bring Turquoise Marketing's services to the great design firms on the West Coast.

Why Portland? Not only does Portland have a wealth of design-oriented, environmentally-responsible architecture firms doing great work--the Turquoise Marketing wheelhouse—it's also within easy reach of San Francisco, Seattle, and Vancouver, and a direct flight to New York.

I'll be splitting my time between New York and Portland, continuing to serve our current clients and developing new relationships. If you know of any West Coast architects in need of more clarity or capacity in marketing, please send them my way.

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