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Job ad: Turquoise is hiring!

When I started Turquoise Marketing at the beginning of 2016, I had a vision for a consultancy that could support, enhance, and improve the marketing efforts of a wide variety of architecture firms to enable them to meet their goals, with a focus on the small to medium sized design firms that need it most. I also saw the opportunity to create a network of Turquoise Marketing professionals, who could bring our brand of best practices to clients and also come together regularly to support each other.

Turquoise Marketing has grown quickly, with client list of more than ten design offices that range from one-person to 500-person firms—in New York City and across the country. I'm excited to announce that we're hiring a part-time consultant at the marketing manager level with potential expansion to a full-time position.

Come join the Turquoise Marketing team!

As a Turquoise Marketing consultant, you will:

  • Work with various clients to implement best practices, improve processes, and manage marketing efforts, according to your skills and experience

  • Collaborate and meet regularly with the Turquoise Marketing Principal (me) to share progress and enhance our systems

  • Help promote the Turquoise brand through social media and networking

We’re looking for someone with some previous experience working as an in-house marketer at a design firm. The position is adaptable to specialties in marketing, business development, or public relations, but strong writing skills and a good graphic eye are important. Resourcefulness, adaptability, and diplomatic skills are musts. You’ll have the flexibility to work both in-house with various clients in New York City, as well as from home, depending on the needs of our clients.

We expect the commitment to be approximately twenty hours a week to start. Depending on your level of experience and salary requirements, it's likely that the salary will be comparable to a full-time job--that's the beauty of marketing consulting!

Please send cover letters and resumes to me at this address...or pass this along to anyone you know who may be looking.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

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